Server Rules

1) All registered users must agree with every point of these rules. Disagreement with at least one paragraph of these rules, prohibits the use of the site and forum.

2) Administration / GM's will NEVER ask your password! Do not give your AccountID/Password to other players.

3) All accounts, characters, game items and any game related content are the exclusive property of the server and are protected by copyright and are an intellectual property.

4) Administration do not changing/refunding buyed items no matter the reason same as losed characters. We not changing any passwords from your accounts, do not do rollbacks if your accounts has been hacked or allegedly robbed. Protect your Accounts and your Characters themselves. Password can be recovered by clicking "Forgot password?".

5) Sale of anything related to Karutan Mu Online for real money or any virtual currencies, equated to real money, as well as any type of exchange and sale of the characters is forbidden.

6) Purchase of valuable items from other players is allowed at your own risk. The administration ensures the complete safety of only those items and services that you purchased at web Market. Alternitevely our Forum can be used to confirm the trade.

7) Any and all violations of our rules must be reported using our Forum.

8)Administration reserves all rights to temporarily or permanently block any user Character/Account without any reason explanation, refund and compensation if it will be necessary. Also we reserve the right to delete all player accounts/characters or in game items of its characters, if it will be necessary.





1. Relations with administration:

1.1. Disrespectful attitude towards Karutan Mu Staff will not be tolerated


2. Additional Software:


2.1. It is forbidden to use 3rd party programs for hacking the game and website, modify the files of the game and launcher, as well as help other players or persuade them to commit these acts. Even a failed attempt is a violation.
2.2 Any additinal software or a client patch that may give an advantage over other players is strictly forbidden to use.

Note: It is allowed to modify the game client files in order to increase your computers performance by completely or partially removing certain animations, objects, effects or items. However it is forbidden to change the visual appearance of these things in order to gain advantage in fights. It is also forbidden to visually change any elements of the interface which might give you an advanatage in fight situations. Increaseing the performance of your computer does not count as an advantage.

2.3. Any and all bugs should be reported on our forum.


4. Gameplay:

4.1. We will not tolerate any form of descrimination towards other players.

4.2. Humiliation of players/users in any form and the use of obscene language is not allowed

4.3. It is forbidden to mention relatives and family in verbal altercations, in any context, and interpretation.

4.4. Advertisement of other MU Online game servers is forbidden.

4.5. It is forbidden to interfere with Game Master during the events.

4.6. Threatening in real life.

4.7. In Team Deathmatch event it is prohibited to be inactive, as well as dishonest ways to get points are forbidden. (giveaway, agreements, etc.)

Note: Inactivity is classified when your character stays at the same place for more than two minutes. When recording a video, this point must be clearly visible.

4.8. During Castle Siege Guild master of the attacking (guild or alliance) can’t take the crown switches. He can only hold the main crown. Players from different alliances can't be in one party with their enemy.

4.9. Crafting fake screenshots or misleading server administration in any way is forbidden.

4.10. The only language that is allowed to be used in POST global messaging is English. In private, guild and party messaging players can use any language they want.

4.11. Character names must not offend or discriminate anyone.

4.12. It is forbidden to create characters with nick names that are similar or the same as the ones that administration or other members are using in the current moment.

4.13 voting exploiting – earning excess bonuses with voting from multiple (3 and more) accounts. We have a working principle – 1 player, 1 vote.

Note: Bearing in mind that players sometimes play for 2 accounts at the same time, the players has rights to vote for both accounts. The administration can check the second account for it’s activities. If the second accounts only activity is voting each day, then this kind of account can be viewed as a tool for bonus/voting exploiting.

4.14 Malicious acts against the interests of the server and its players.

Explanation: You are regularly and on purpose provoking other players to break the rules and then you create topics regarding this with the intention to ban them.


5. Donations


Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them, then you may proceed to Donate. No one from any Gaming companies, associated with any Gaming companies or any such affiliated company or its Related to any Game companies is permitted to enter these web sites or view any content contained within these sites at any time what so ever due to controversial reasons. You agree to give up all legal rights towards Karutan MU Online when Donating.
Definitions and Interpretations

"User" or "Users" means any third party that accesses the web site and is not employed by MU Online and acting in the course of their employment.


We will not provide refunds under any circumstances. VIP Membership is voluntary, and if a user does not wish to be a member, he should not seek entry. If you are banned due to violation of our player rules, you will not get a refund. If you do not like the service, you will not get a refund. If you unexpectedly did not receive your certificate, and don't have any proof of your donation, you will not get a refund. You may appeal your case regarding your donation on the forums in the VIP Issues section, and we will review your case. It's not required for you to make a donation to enjoy the full experience of Karutan MU Online it's completely optional and is done at your own risk.


If you for any reason have store item(s) damaged, broken, lost, etc. you may not receive an exchange or replacement even if you have proof of your donation. Only a member of Management has the authority to replace your reward item if they feel the receipt you've presented is authentic.

Lost items and characters

Due to a lot of scams, Karutan MU Online is not responsible for lost items, characters etc. Only you are responsible for safety of your items, characters etc. Remember never share your account information with other users.

Charge Backs

Any attempts to reverse donation will be met with an automatic and immediate permanent ban. All accounts tied to this IP address will be permanently banned. Our accounting team always contests each and every charge back and has a high success rate. If this fails, charge backs are routinely sent to a third-party collections agency, and the buyer's credit history will be affected if the charge is not paid for.

Furthermore, as these rules apply to specific instances of misconduct, we reserve the right to modify existing or add new rules at our discretion without notice (and without placing them in this list) in order to handle any variation of offenses. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time.