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Maintenance, December 12th
10 / Dec / 2018 , 10:11 PM

Maitenance Complete


Please see Changes below. If you have Encountered a problem or have a suggestion , please post on our Forum


  • Fixed Starter Wing Box Item
  • Enabled Offlevel. Max 12h , 1 Goblin point per hour. No Item pickup.
  • Unkillable during Offlevel until we launch PVE server
  • Re-Balanced Elemental DMG
  • Increased Item Drop ( Including Medals/jewels)
  • Mu Helper Price Decreased
Grand Opening December 7th
28 / Nov / 2018 , 07:43 PM

Welcome to Karutan Mu Online


Server Opening Times


Brazil (Rio) - 15:00

GMT - 17:00

Poland - 18;00

Latvia - 19:00

Romania - 19:00

Vietnam: 00:00

Philippines: 01:00

Server Configuration


Version: Season 13 Episode 2

PVP & NON PVP Servers available

Regular Experience: x5-x30

Master Exeperience: x5-x30

Max Regular Level: 400

Max Master Level: 620

Monster Item Drop: 30%

Points Per Level: 5/7

Web  Shop: OFF

In-Game X Shop: ON

Offlevel: Off

Information about Character Formulas and Skills

Information about Events

Information about Wcoin

Information about Goblin Points

Information about Ruud

Information about Chaos Machine


New Character Bonus


100 Free points

Starting Set (Sphinx/Scale/Wind/Red Wing/Light Plate/Robust)

Starting Weapon

Starting Small Wings

Panda Pet